Day #4: Hydration and Crunchy Salads

Malavika’s Day 4: “Made this for lunch. a (supposed to be Moroccan) salad. grated carrot, almonds, dates, raisins, some honey, lime, olive oil, paprika, cumin and yup! a full bowl of awesomeness!!! what about you guys?”

Our RecruitNo4, Pranav Gandhi is making sure his body is hydrated at all times, a must before any exercise. Great motivation, Pranav!

Pranav Gandhi's quest to hydration!

Pranav Gandhi’s quest to hydration!

Malavika's Day 4: A Moroccan Salad!

Malavika’s Day 4: A Moroccan Salad!


Day #3: Protein shakes and long walks

Malavika’s Day 3: “It’s one of those days that begin at 7 and go on till 10pm. shoot, event, drive, repeat! it’s also usually the hardest day to stay healthy… instead of getting too many drive-through coffees i’m carrying this! protein shake in this supercool shaker (birthday present btw!)
what’s your post today? don’t fall off the plan ok? too many hopes pinned on you :)”

Our RecruitNo3, Elle Davis, is all set to be a champion, her motto being ‘walk your way to healthy’!

Elle Davis' long jog to success!

Elle Davis’ long jog to success!

Malavika's Day 3: The "gifted" protein shake bottle!

Malavika’s Day 3: The “gifted” protein shake bottle!

Day #1: A day of fresh juices and sneakers!

Malavika kickstarted her challenge with this post: “First day of the year and i’ve gone from heels to sneakers!
9 am, woke up slapped on 100spf sunblock and drove to Jumeirah beach. 6 km in the morning sun (3km turnaround point :)) it’s a must try beach park. we are on!”

Our RecruitNo1, Mou Palit, started the challenge with a fresh burst of fruit juices! Amazing, isn’t it?

Mou Palit's delicious fruit juices!

Mou Palit’s delicious fruit juices!

Malavika's Day 1!

Malavika’s Day 1!

A new journey, a new me!

Malavika managed to complete her 100 Healthy Days challenge back in September, and set new milestones for herself. But this time around, she decided that she wanted to extend the benefits of good health to more people, and decided to build herself an army of ‘Recruits’!

Starting from 1st January 2015, Malavika and 100 other people made a jump to the healthy side. For the next 100 days, they will do their best to follow all things healthy, and insha’allah, they will all emerge as winners!

Do follow us regularly on all social media platforms, to track the ups and downs of Malavika and the 100 Recruits, as they trek through the jungle of health.

The plan!

The plan!

Our 100 Recruits!

Our 100 Recruits!

With best wishes to all,